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Monetize your entire online arsenal!

Most Publishers own lots of domain names for a variety of purposes. Whether you're waiting for a buyer or just postponing the development process, you can still line your pockets with commissions. DittoDomains Publishers yield a 60/40 revenue share without lifting a finger!

Create Engaging Templates

It's difficult to attract visitors with a boring display. DittoDomains provides tons of eye-catching templates in various colors and layouts; you choose the design that's right for your site. There are templates suitable for almost any vertical imaginable as well as corresponding images.

The DittoDomains solution allows you to retain ownership while maintaining a positive ROI.

Benefit from Automatic Optimization

DittoDomains understands the intricacies of the optimization process. Your URL will feature preselected ads tailored to fit the site's theme along with each user's geolocation and demonstrated preferences.

User-friendly Database

Our Publishers enjoy total transparency through the sophisticated DittoDomains tracking system. Receive real time updates that record everything from clicks to visitors and payouts. Monitor multiple URLs from a single interface.