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Successful campaigns depend upon visibility. Your ads need to be seen in as many places as possible, including inactive sites. DittoDomains matches your creatives to relevant parked domains across thousands of verticals. This targeting tactic ensures that you receive quality traffic that ultimately converts.

DittoDomains utilizes the cutting edge Contextual algorithm as well behavioral marketing techniques to select just the right ads for specific users. The comprehensive tracking system detects click fraud instantaneously, so that you'll never pay for dead traffic.

Why Choose DittoDomains.com?

Your brand's already established a presence across the active web, but those sites represent a mere fraction of available online adspace. DittoDomains makes sure that you're covered from every possible angle on the internet.

Parked Domains account for a substantial amount of online traffic.

Everyone encounters parked domains at some point. Give them the opportunity to click through to your site and discover what they wanted in the first place.

What about the content?

Industry professionals emphasize the importance of having superior content; however, this model fails to recognize the perils of content from an advertiser's standpoint. Clutter distracts customers and draws their attention away from your creatives. Parked domains eliminate this issue naturally without compromising the Publishers.